Player Safety 

The Mississauga Huskies are proud to be part of the Riddell Family that uses Insite Analytics TM.

Safety , it’s a priority for parents ,coaches and players.

Every year there are new ideas in every contact sport on how we can minimize injury .While there is an inherent risk in any contact sport (soccer, hockey, basketball, rugby and our focus, which is football.)

Here in Mississauga, we’ve taken incredible steps forward In making sure players are tackling safer than ever before .

Now, we’ve taken that next big step ….we called in the techies at Riddell to help us. Now at Huskies Football, we don’t just use Riddell helmets exclusively. We also have the benefit of their “smart helmet technology” this provides the huskies coaches with a chance to have that “second set of eyes” on our athletes, it also provides the athletic therapists and medical staff another tool to maximize the effectiveness, skills and safety of every player on the squad .

As of 2023 we are the only squad in the GTA that is using this technology.