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How & When to Register

To get started with registration, simply click the registration tab and selected the form and fill it out! Once its completed, we will be sending you an email with further details regarding your specific program! 

Need helping registering or need to ask question? Email us at and we will get back to you within 24h


Payments, Payment Plans, & Refunds

We except all forms of payments! We accept cash, debit, credit and you can even e-transfer us! If paying in cash please make a note of it on your registration form submission!

Need to make a payment plan? Just send an email to our registrar and treasurer! 

 Need to ask for a refund? Just send an email to the Treasurer with your request and we will begin to process your refund. 

Late Registration

Worrying about late registration fees? No worries! So long as the registration period is still open you will not be subject to any late registration fees!

Registration Prices

All programs are priced to fund each program. What does that mean ? As a non-for-profit, all funds go right back into the organization to fund all expenses of our programs.

Club Sponsorships

Check back soon as we updated our Sponsorship Package for 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please check soon as we are updating our FAQs to reflect our programs for 2022!





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