Players Code of Conduct

Players Code of Conduct

  • Commitment to education – School comes first. Your grades and classwork take priority over football.Players must prioritize their time to ensure that homework and studying happen when they should.

  • Positive attitude – Expect a lot of yourself and always strive for the best you can do today. Learn from errors, accept coaching decisions, do not sulk or dwell on your own or other teammate’s mistakes. It is hard work, but necessary to stay positive when things go badly.

  • Unselfishness – A team cannot succeed based on individual effort alone. The team wins together and we are responsible for both. There is no room for envy, jealousy or destructive personal behavior.

  • Respect – We will treat teammates, coaches, volunteers, officials and opponents with respect, both in what we say and what we do. Disrespect for officials is unacceptable. MMF will not condone unsportsmanlike behavior in any way. All players are to treat teammates, officials, spectators and volunteers with respect and courtesy. Behavior that puts other players or coaches down, results in profanity, or demonstrates lack of self-control, will not be tolerated.

  • Responsibility – Commit yourself to be dressed, on time and ready to give your best in every practice and game. If complications arise (sickness, injury or conflicting responsibilities) explain to the team manager before hand if possible. If not, explain as soon as you see him/her without having to be asked. If you do not come to practice consistently, you may not be eligible to play in upcoming game(s) and/or your playing time may be reduced. Be ready to do your part in the dressing room, in moving orhandling equipment before or after a game and practice. Accept responsibility for mistakes or errors,loss of temper, defeats or other shortcomings without making excuses. Resolve to focus on improvement.

  • Coachability – Accept coaching instructions and decisions, including lineup changes, in a positive and cooperative manner. Lineups are always drawn up with the intention of getting the most out of the team. You are entitled to question the decisions that affect you, but it must be done respectfully.

  • Leadership – Every member of the team can be a leader in his/her own way: by example, by enthusiasm, by being helpful and supportive of teammates, by staying positive no matter the situation. Every one of us are ambassadors for the team and that you do individually affects your team.

  • Goal setting – Set a wide range of specific but realistic goals for yourself. Work hard to achieve your goals and success will come. Team goals always come ahead of personal goals. Every individual achievement is due in part to the help of teammates and others around you.

  • Competing within the rules – Display good sportsmanship, give your best effort and follow all team guidelines. Following all football rules is expected. Anyone who intentionally disregards the rules of football and the MMF guidelines will not be allowed to continue playing on the team.